Certification of Documents

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Certification of Documents

Part and parcel of creating the correct structure for an Offshore Company, along with the application to the offshore bank is the necessary requirement for the certification of your requested Identification. We call this procedure KYC which stands for Know Your Client. Usually this will take the form of legally sworn statement by a solicitor or notary to certify that your documents are that of a 'true copy of the original'.

This is an important and necessary part of the total procedure as it enables you to open an offshore bank account remotely, enable cross border finance, contracts as well as conduct business remotely with those Countries that fall into, and recognise, the Hague Convention treaty.

The Countries bound by this agreement will accept legal certification of any documents to satisfy their compliance. Intelligent Formations Limited mostly use these jurisdictions to form Offshore Companies for our clients therefore ensuring clients do not run into any unexpected issues further down the line.


In order to ensure we can enable and offer our clients a first class cost effective experience we have created a brand new niche service with our legal partner www.certifymydocuments.co.uk.

Here you will be able to remotely get access to our legal team who can arrange a 'next day service' to certify your documents saving you time and money.

Our experience consultants are available to discuss this service at your request.

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